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We have had a GREAT first week back and we’re so glad to have you back home!

Last week we were given the green light to reopen, with restrictions, and we have been planning on a slow return.

We’ve organized a phased approach to our reopening designed to reconcile a number of variables in the best possible way. We know some are excited to be able to return and others need more time.

Need more classes? Have Questions/Concerns? Take a moment to take our Crushing COVID Survey, that would be greaaaaaat!


– Class reservations open 168 hours (7 Days) in advance

– You can reserve your spot/sign into class until class start time

– You may Opt-In to be put on a waitlist for a class – If someone cancels, the first person on the waitlist to respond will be able to reserve their spot in class.

– Late cancellation (Loss of session/Late Fee) is 5 hours prior to start of class (9 Hours for 5:30AM)

– Any class that has Zero reservations 2 hours prior to start will be cancelled

I know late cancellations are hard to manage for a few families. If there is a class that is not full and you are unsure if you are able to attend, you are able to attend the class and sign in up until the start of class so that you may avoid any penalties.

Before we opened Our remaining equipment, our floor matting, the various handles and knobs from doors and faucets scrubbed and sanitized for a clean, fresh start. 


I think we can all agree that a complete return to the way things used to be is unlikely. COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on businesses and individuals alike not only because of the financial and economic strain it has caused, but in terms of how we gather and how we think about physical interactions with our surroundings. SHCF is no exception.

In the coming weeks we will be implementing a number of “new normal” policies and procedures so that even when this crisis is past us, we continue to be a responsible leader in our community regarding cleanliness, health and safety.

Our team understands that no idea is a bad idea right now. No old operational practice is off limits. We’re proud of how we handled ourselves in the last two months but to be a true leader we mustn’t just go back to the way things used to be without question. We’ll be utilizing the CDC’s recommendations as well as individual state guidelines for reopening, and in most cases we’ll air on the conservative side. One way that you can help refine our efforts further is by submitting your own suggestions. We know there are companies out there innovating and implementing incredible policy changes that will help keep people healthy and even save lives. If you ever come across any of these tactics, consider sharing them directly with us via our CRUSHING COVID survey, where you can anonymously share any ideas you have for SHCF. 

In Addition:

A major part of this entire process will be how we handle it when we find out an athlete or staff member has contracted the virus. We all take a certain degree of risk any time we leave the house these days and while it’s not our place to tell individuals how to manage that risk, we want to be clear and transparent about our communication plan. 

If an athlete or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, we ask that they alert Alec or SHCF staff. Because we will be tracking attendance down to the person, we’ll immediately alert every single athlete who attended a class with the person infected by the virus, from the previous 14 days. You will not be left in the dark if such a situation arises and we are committed to continuing our track record of open, honest communication, even if it’s difficult. 

Many of you have leaned in on SHCF over the last few weeks as a bright light during a dark time. You can continue counting on us to do the right things for the right reasons as we come through this and as life resumes.

We’re not there yet, but it does feel like we may be turning a corner in this crisis. The last eight weeks have not only demonstrated, but proven the strength and resolve of the SHCF community and if we hold on just a little longer, we truly will have come through this #togetherapart.

– Alec


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