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The SHCF Intramural [OPEN] is coming!! This is an annual time to test our fitness, celebrate your hard work over the passed year, and have fun with our SHCF family!

 // 4 Workouts // 4 Weeks + TEAMS

The ultimate test to the hard work that you put in the gym + the fun of working WITH your favorite people to be crowned SHCF Intramural [OPEN] Champs!
March 11 – 21.1
March 18 – 21.2
March 25 – 21.3
April 1 – 21.4 SHCF Style
More on this later. Let’s get to the good stuff!

This year we will be hosting an [OPEN] Prep Course to help you take advantage of the 4 weeks of testing workouts, and hopefully celebrate some new PR’s!

This course is available for athletes of ALL SKILL LEVELS! Whether you are a whiteboard pro, or a part time enthusiast, you will learn something new, develop new skills, and grow as an athlete! 

Over the course of 5 Saturdays (January 16th-February 13th) we will be hosting an approximately 90 min class that will help you develop in the following areas:

-> Handstands (holds, push-ups, and walks)
-> Pull-Up/Muscle Ups (skill, volume, and strength)
-> Double Unders
-> Workout Pacing
-> Workout strategy development

We want you to make the most out of the [OPEN] and are here to help you succeed in your fitness goals! 
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