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SHCF Intramural Open 2022


Motivation, milestones, progress. The 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Open isn’t for everyone, but it’s for anyone at SHCF. For first-timers. For seasoned competitors. We’re all in it together. 
Join for the fitness. Stay for the fun. 


Over a three-week period beginning Thursday, Feb. 24, 2022, the CrossFit Open will give CrossFit athletes everywhere the chance to challenge themselves and shine on a global stage. Regardless of your age or ability, when you register for the Open, you’re signing up to bring out your very best, create memories, and have a blast.

SHCF + Friday Night Lights

During these 3 weeks we will complete the workouts during Friday Night Lights for those that have signed up for the Intramural Open.

Sweat. Smiles. Food. Family.

During Friday night lights we will be assigned to heats in the evening, have some food and drinks and an awesome time!

SHCF Intramural Open

[Pre Registration]

Feb 8th – Feb 12th

[Draft Day]

Saturday Feb 12th

Pre Registered athletes will be hand picked by our Team Captains after completing a “Skilled warm up” 😅😅. After the pre registered athletes have been chosen by their team captains everyone else in the gym will be randomly allotted to each team. 


Feb 12th – Feb 25th

After Draft Day each team is responsible for “recruiting” each athlete to sign up for their team for a chance to earn the most points each week!

[SHCF Intramural OPEN 2022]

The Games BEGIN!

Open 22.1. – Feb 25th

Open 22.2 – March 4th

Open 22.3 – March 11th

Each week throughout the Open we will host Friday Night Lights. Everyone will be able to reserve their heat time prior to each event. 


Points to be earned

Ahead of the open:

Team Leaderboards

Judges Course

Recruiting Athletes to Join with us


Workout completion

Top place in the workout in each division DAILY

[S]trength accessory challenges

[H]abit challenges

[C]ommunity Challenges

[F]unctional Events 

The Intramural Open is $25 to participate these 3 weeks including registration, operation, additional foods and prizes for winners of the open. Let’s have some fun!


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