Moving through COVID-19

Social Distancing, Self Quarantine Measures & Long Term Plans:

What are we going to do? – Solved

The Situation:
Given the worldwide situation, there is the potential that gyms and other public spaces will be forced to shut down. We’ll listen and make decisions based on what is best for our community.

Should we be forced to shut down, we will not stop coaching or running training sessions. We will use social media and live video to program and instruct workouts. We take a lot of pride in being a lighthouse: We never go dark. And we want you to keep working out, even if the government won’t let you do it at our locations. We got you covered.

The Plan:
If it comes to us closing or you have a fear of coming in to the gym, let’s schedule a call to chat and we can give you a personal program that will fit your goals from your home. If you feel the need we would love to provide this higher value service to you in replacement of your in-gym membership for the time being.

SHCF MOVE – Starting next week we will be posting workouts that you will be able to do at home or anywhere that allows the gains. The only equipment you will need is a backpack and bodyweight. Time to get creative and HAVE SOME FUN.

Any questions, please reply to this email!
We love you guys and as a small business, not gonna lie, the anxiety level is pretty high and we imagine you all feel the same so we want to ensure you we will do whatever it takes to help protect our community.

You guys are amazing and we will get through this together!! #StrongerTogether #SHCF #MerakiFitness

If you need anything or there is anything we can do to help during this time, do not hesitate to contact us.

Love and appreciate you all,


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