COVID-19 UPDATE: SHCF Over Prepared

SHCF Family,
Things are crazy out there. But we are doing what we have to keep you guys HEALTHY, HAPPY & HARDER TO KILL!

We have established a small board of advisors, to ensure we can stay ahead of this Pandemic and keep being awesome.

Initially hearing of COVID-19 in the US, we gave our cleaning schedule some more gains, implemented extra cleanings. Southies are always ahead and we’ll stay that way together.

Therefore; here are some changes we are putting into effect immediately, MARCH 13th: 
Extra Cleaning & Contact Avoidance Measures:

  1. We will have the doors always open when we are open. It’s getting warmer outside, but if you easily get cold please wear extra layers.
  2. Our “Take a Lap!” is going to be substituted with “wash your hands! before class/after class, wash them hands.
  3. Log in to class on your phone. Only the coach will touch the computer keyboard and mouse, let the coach know your score and they can enter it for you.
  4. Chalk Buckets have been removed from the gym. POOF! Gone. I know that one hurts but if you have sweaty hands, please bring a hand towel. If this affects some movements, work on doing them strict, its a great time to slow down and control your movement!
  5. Please wipe down all equipment after use, we also recommend wiping it down before you use it. Coaches will wipe down everything again after you leave.
  6. Hugs, High 5’s & Fist Bumps are sadly off limits, we recommend AIR 5’s from now on and they only count if you say “Air 5 {insert name}”
  7. If you are not feeling well, PLEASE stay home. We love you just not the germs. Chat with a coach on how we can help you.

Personal Programming from home – If you are concerned or have the need to workout from home we will be posting some at home workouts as “Meraki MOVE” These workouts will only require your body, maybe a backpack and a smile ready to attack your day! We would like to offer Personal programming for anyone that feels the need to stay at home in replacement of your In-Gym programming.  Talk with Alec for more information!

Please reply to this email if you have any questions, feedback or positive vibes!

Love you guys!

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