The Long Haul

Nutrition is a long term adventure, not a quick fix or “30 Day Detox.”

Many of us are focusing on taking a long-term approach to our health and fitness, as well as working on sustainable healthy habit formation. Awesome, go us! **insert fist bumps here**

When it comes to staying focused on a long-term approach to nutrition, here are 3 thoughts to munch on:

1. Inner Monologue:  This is a great time to take an honest look at how you speak to yourself.  Your inner thoughts affect your outward attitude and actions. How you feel about different situations may impact how you react to those situations. As a result, they impact your nutrition choices. Take a moment to reflect on your inner thoughts, where they stem from, how they make you feel, and how this may impact your nutrition choices. When you get stressed, what foods do you turn to for comfort? When you’re feeling insecure, what foods to your turn to for comfort? Gain some awareness of how you react to stressors and how this stress impacts your nutrition.  

Take this a step further. If you do turn to food for comfort, is there a healthier alternative behavior you can engage in, before resorting to food? Walk your dog, sing at the top of your lungs, write, paint, fitness, whatever inspires you to be more of who you are, do that.

2. Focus:  What are you focused on right now? What are your short and long term goals that you are shooting for?  Are you looking ahead to areas of your week that may be busy and making plans to stay on track with nutrition rather than resorting to convenience foods? What’s your ultimate long term goal and what are things you can do today, this week, this month to accomplish that goal? What are other behaviors that you can engage in (examples: sleep, exercise, meditation) to better your chances at staying on track with making healthy food choices? 

3. Reflection and Evaluation: Reflect on the past few months. Do a self evaluation. Since the start of your journey, how have you improved? What are your bright spots when it comes to improved eating habits? Give yourself credit for the things you are doing well. Write them down and share hem with your coach!

What are some areas you have yet to improve and want to work on? Get ready to crush these action steps and show improvement on these, while staying consistent with the behaviors that are starting to become routine.  

Shifting focus will help to keep you confident in your decisions, making them more sustainable and routine. Every aspect of health is about living your best life. Living less for that weekend getaway, and more for the long haul.

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