Snack Sunday!

Snack Sunday!


This week’s Snack Sunday isn’t necessarily a traditional snack. Let’s talk about meals. Whether you eat 5-8 small meals, or 3 bigger ones, is totally up to you and your schedule. I personally like to eat smaller meals throughout the day. I like to call it “grazing.” Therefore your snacks aren’t traditional snack foods, but they’re simply just smaller meals!


One of my go-tos is a typical “bro meal” – chicken, jasmine rice and some kind of vegetable. I don’t always have the luxury of sitting down and taking a break for my meals, most of the time life throws me a curveball and I have to eat on the go. Because of this, a typical portion of one regular sized meal gets split into two separate tupperware containers and voila! I’ve created two separate mini-meals.


So if you’re having trouble choking down 3 bigger meals during  the day, don’t force it! Separate them and enjoy eating multiple mini-meals.


Check out these Meatloaf Muffins from Healthy Steps Nutrition – Click Here for the recipe.


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