Rest. What’s that?!


Rest Days & PR’s


We all know we need to rest. Our bodies alert us each day when it’s time to hit the lights and go to bed. So why is it so hard for us to rest when it comes to CrossFit?


We love it. It’s the best addiction in the world, and there’s always something you can work on to improve. Taking a day off seems wasteful when all you want are the #gainz. However, taking that rest day may be more beneficial than coming to the gym to hit another workout. Even our elite Games athletes have regularly scheduled recovery and rest days—they know they need them in order to grow.


When we take a day off from strength training and grueling metcons, we are giving our muscles time to repair the damage we’ve done to them the past few days. Knowing your body is important, you shouldn’t attempt to lift more than you’re capable of so why wouldn’t you rest when you know that you need it?


How often should you take a rest day? A good rule of thumb is three on, one off. Every person is different, so the most important thing is learning to listen to your body. Stretch, hit a ROMWOD, walk your dog around the neighborhood, foam roll, take your kids to the park, meditate, just rest. Not only will your body benefit, but your mind will too. Get outside or stay in and read a book, don’t get so caught up in waiting for the next WOD to post that you forget to take care of your mind, body and soul.


Keep grinding for those PR’s—but remember to take that rest day!



Coach Jess


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