Why is protein important?

Protein is super important because it’s the basic component of every single cell in our body. It makes up our hair, skin, nails, organ tissue, and, what we’re always thinking about, muscles! The body uses protein to repair, restore, and build tissue. It’s also a vital building block for our hormones, enzymes, cartilage, bones, skin and blood. IT’s kind of a big deal.


When should we consume protein?

Each meal should be balanced with a lean protein source, a fat source and a carbohydrate, in addition to a variety of colorful vegetables.


I have to consume a protein shake immediately after a workout, within the window of gains right?!

Not necessarily. If you chose to schedule one of your meals for post-workout, choose foods that are lower in fat. Fat slows digestion and therefore slows the absorption of nutrients into your muscles.


What kind of protein is the best?

Lean, whole food sources of protein are ideal. Shakes and bars are supplements, not whole meals! They should only be utilized to supplement for the times that you can not get enough dietary protein in your meals for that particular day. If you’re living off of shakes and bars, your body is not getting the micronutrients and enzymes that it desperately needs to function at it’s best. Check out this guide:


What are your favorite high protein sources and how do you turn them into meals? Share your favorite recipes with us! Stay tuned, more to come as we continue to implement our new nutrition program from Healthy Steps Nutrition.


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