Positivity in the Gym



Positivity in the Gym


It’s easy to fall into negative thinking. Whether we believe it or not, the thoughts we have directly influence both our abilities to perform during a workout and our interactions with those around us.


Imagine this situation: It’s 90 degrees outside. You’ve had a rough start to your day, and you walk into the gym and see a WOD that literally features 3 of your least favorite exercises.


What is your initial reaction?

– “This sucks! Could my day get any worse?”

– “Wow. I’m bad at all of these.”

– “It’s way too hot to _____ today!”

– “I’m just not feeling it.”


Whether you speak it or think it, negativity is contagious. Our negative attitude not only affects ourselves, but others in the gym as well. When we hear a complaint—or better yet, are tempted to complain—we need to immediately replace it with a positive thought or comment. Focus on what you get to do, instead of things that you just don’t like.


  • “This will be tough, but I like the challenge!”
  • “These might not be my strengths, but I’m glad I get a chance to work on it!”
  • “Let’s get after it!”
  • “I will have so much more energy after this workout!”


When we walk into the gym, it needs to be our safe place. A place for us to unwind from the day, connect with others, and lift others up. The power of positivity in the gym is unprecedented in the ability to push you—and others—to the next level. Here are some ideas of how to keep it positive for others:


  • When you feel like you can’t do another rep, encourage the person next to you.
  • If you complete the metcon before other people, find someone to cheer for until they finish.
  • High five everyone after the workout and praise them for their effort.


At South Hall, let’s strive to keep it positive. Leave the negativity at the door, and come inside with your best self. Seek to encourage and lift others up around you, and you yourself will be lifted up. Just like negativity, positivity is CONTAGIOUS! Let’s be more intentional about spreading good, and see how our outlook on our workouts (and on our life) might change!

Keep grinding!

– Coach Jessica


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