Alec Corley - Owner/Head Coach

I started CrossFit in 2010 and have loved every minute since. There is much to say about our team and community here at South Hall CrossFit and I am proud to be a part of what we have built. We strive to give people not just the knowledge we have in fitness for them to get fitter both physically and mentally, but to lead a better and happier life all around. Our Coaches hold their title proud and our community is the best reflection of SHCF.

- CrossFit - Level 2 Certified
- USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach

Philip Barrett - Coach

Jessica Sweeney - Coach

To me, the best part about CrossFit is community and thats only part of what you get here at our gym. You bond with others in your gym as you go through the workouts together, you share common goals, and you push one another to grow. As a coach, I hope to encourage others to be the best they can be. My ultimate goal is to help the members of SHCF believe in themselves, in their abilities, and that they can achieve more than they ever thought they could.

Renee Johnson

Kristin Corley - Owner/Nutrition Coach

I began Crossfit in 2010 simply to get in shape. Although it was intimidating at first, I fell in love with the changes I began to see in my body and the mental edge it gave me. I became a Crossfit Trainer to not only pass along my knowledge of healthy living, but to also empower others to take control of their lives both mentally and physically. The best hour of your day will be with our community at SHCF, invigorating you to pass this along. Live your best life and leave the world a little better than you found it. That's the kind of community we strive to create here at SHCF.


- CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
- CrossFit Kids Certified
- USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach
- USA Powerlifting Club Coach
- Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

Marsha Baggett - Nutrition Coach

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