Meet: Coach Phil
Philip Barret


Meet: Coach Phil

Gym-Gang Name: Uncle Phil, Kane, Phil-the-Burn


  • CrossFit athlete since 2013
  • Coaching since 2016
  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Coffee Connoisseur


Favorite thing about coaching?

  • “Working with the athletes and helping them accomplish things that they never thought they could do brings me a lot of satisfaction.”


A goal that you want to accomplish this year?

  • “Maintain this healthy state that I’m in with my diet and diabetes…keep these blood sugars down!!”


Favorite non-alcoholic drink?

  • “20oz cold brew, splash of milk, coconut, light ice”


What has been your experience with CrossFit training and our nutrition guidelines?

  • “Before our nutrition challenge, I was taking anywhere from 40-60 units (4-6 shots) per day of insulin. Now I take only about 20-30 units (2-3 shots) per day. My blood sugars are AMAZING!
  • Before I felt sluggish, and was tired all day. No amount of coffee seemed to help. Waking up for the 5am class was super difficult. I struggled to stay focused at home and in school. My body always hurt and I wasn’t performing in the gym like I knew that I could.
  • Now, waking up early seems much easier, which is weird! I have more energy throughout the day and some days I don’t even drink coffee.
  • I’m focusing very well in school now and getting all of my work done without procrastinating. I’m also performing like a CHAMP in the gym! I’ve set a new PR on almost all of my lifts which feels incredible.”


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