Meet: Coach Jessica



Meet: Coach Jessica

Gym-Gang Name: Jess


  • CrossFit athlete since 2013 (off & on)
  • Coaching since 2018
  • volleyball fanatic


Favorite thing about coaching?

  • “Encouraging others to become better in all that they do—physically, mentally and emotionally”


A goal that you want to accomplish this year? (in or out of the gym – any goal)

  • “Become more confident in myself as a coach, and maintain consistency with my nutrition!”


Favorite non-alcoholic drink?

  • COFFEE!! All day, every day!


What has been your experience with CrossFit training and how has that evolved over the years?

  • “When I first started, the programming was varied but most metcons remained the same “style.” Everyone had their own way of coaching & it wasn’t as detailed/structured as it is now. There is much more variation now with workouts and growing as an athlete in every aspect of your life. Currently, I believe CrossFit is about health, longevity and sustainability. We want everyone to grow and develop not only as an athlete, but as a person. CrossFit is a lifestyle change, and one that can be carried on well into the future!”


Tell me about ya!

Here are some facts:

– played collegiate volleyball for 4 years

– married since June 2016

– can’t wait to become a MOM!

– extremely performance-driven & competitive…this is both a strength and a flaw!

– would eat peanut butter all day, every day if it wouldn’t make me fat #truestory

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