How mobile are you?

When I started CrossFit, I noticed my mobility wasn’t the same as others in the gym. Whether I was more or less mobile in specific areas, I learned that everyone is different in how their body moves.

Over time, I’ve observed that the more mobile you are—AKA the greater your range of motion is—the better you can perform.

Mobility work and stretching takes some discipline, because let’s be honest, who’s got time for that? However, if you’re looking to exponentially grow your performance in the gym and outside of the doors, foregoing mobility work is not an option.

The link below holds a database of information that might help jumpstart your journey to greater mobility. I personally try to hit a ROMWOD a few times a week, which has aided tremendously in my recovery, as well as my performance in our WODs.

Check it out HERE.

Keep working toward a healthier and fitter YOU!

– Coach Jessica

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