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KidsFit classes at SHCF always have an aspect of unpredictability. We offer a unique fitness program designed for kids ages 5-17 at any fitness level. Whether your child plays athletics or not, it is imperative they learn the proper way to push, pull, run, throw, climb, lift, and jump both effectively and safely, all while having fun doing it. There is a consistent structure to the class, but the exact skill work, workout and game is what changes. Through teaching our kids good mechanics it translates to better physical literacy leading to fewer injuries and better cognitive function.


Kids & Teens


  • Kids (ages 5-7 yrs old/ K) 
  • Kids Elementary (ages 8-12 yrs old/ grades 1-5) 

TEENS (Middle School & High School):

  • Middle School (ages 11-13 yrs old/ grades 6-8) 
  • High School (ages 14-17 yrs old/ grades 9-12)


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